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12 October 2018 By In Relationship Advice

This entire discussion is relatively new; historically, taking your husband’s last name upon marriage wasn’t up for debate. The first American woman to legally maintain her surname was Lucy Stone, who in 1856 became an icon for women who wanted to buck marital traditions (for decades after her, women who kept their names after marriage were known as ‘Lucy Stoners’).

28 August 2018 By In Relationship Advice

Not all couples divorce when their relationship runs into trouble. Many soldier on remembering that they entered into a partnership “for better or for worse” but what impact does this have on their self-esteem and ultimate happiness? 

25 September 2017 By In Relationship Advice


I know that you will tell me that you know your partner really well and, of course, you may do. However, you may not know them quite as well as you think you do, once you start living together.

As soon as you are considered ‘an item’, your partner may exhibit personal habits that you were not expecting – and which might be even more irritating that leaving the loo seat up or the top off the toothpaste!

The Art of Compromise

Compromise is part of life and an important part of all relationships. Most couples over time become acutely sensitive to each other’s likes and dislikes and learn to make adjustments.
It is very important to be very clear as to what you want and why you want it. It doesn’t mean that by doing so that you will get it, but it does mean that you will both be completely clear as to what is in your mind and there will hopefully be no silly misunderstandings between you that can cause resentment.

Now is certainly the time to have some of those important discussions about your future life together and in particular how you are going to manage important issues such as joint accounts etc.

No matter what is your status, discuss and agree the terms of your relationship so that there are no nasty surprises further down the line!

So get talking!

Carole’s Tips:

• Talk money [joint or separate accounts, careers [who is going to be the career partner, bucket lists [dreams and aspirations] and most of all explore if there are any deal-breakers such as one of you wishing to move abroad and away from family and friends.
• When difficult situations start to occur, don’t just roll your eyes up to heaven but instead sit down and discuss the problem between you
• Diffuse situations as you go along – not keep them simmering inside you and this will hold you in good stead for your future lives together.
• Never leave important issues unresolved as these will tend to come to the surface at the time of an argument and that is not a good thing!

There will always be challenging times in the early years of living together as this is all part of the 'getting to know you' process when two people – particularly of contrary genders - choose to live under the same roof!

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31 July 2017 By In Relationship Advice

Growing a Healthy Relationship

Balancing togetherness and individuality is undoubtedly the key to a healthy relationship. Being a couple and at the same time maintaining a strong sense of your individual self is not an easy one but it is important to manage both your need for time together as well as your need for time apart. 

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Being Independent

There is certainly nothing wrong with being apart in order to do ‘your own thing’, however, it is important to find the middle ground and make sure that both you and your partner have quality time during your day.

You may love shopping but he may hate it so you shop with friends instead.  He may love football so he goes to matches with his mates. 

Doing things individually helps sustain a healthy relationship but it is important to make time to talk to share your activities when you both meet up again.  You can swap ideas and news from your friends or something that really captured your imagination.  Conversations such as these will enrich your relationship and bring stimulation and energy to your daily work.

Be reliable and trustworthy

Always follow through on your promises. Ensure that your partner can rely upon what you say. If they cannot trust you, even in small matters, then they will feel unsure about your reliability in important issues.  Personal integrity is everything because relationships need trust in order to survive.

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Expect ‘stones in the road’, sometimes.

A relationship is a journey, a daily journey, and every so often there will be a ‘stone’ or two in the road that may obstruct your path. So you need to either move it or find a way around it if you wish to get to where you are going.  The point to remember is – resist the temptation to kick it!  You will just hurt yourself and you will be no further down the road!

Quick Tips 

  • Work on being neither too distant nor too close.  Kahlil Gibran said;

“ Stand together yet not too near together  … for the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow”

  • Learn the art of compromise and negotiation.  Your weekly Friday night out might now become once a fortnight.
  • Make sure that when you come back from your trip to the shops or football match that you make time to listen to and share each other’s experiences.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness.  It is not up to anyone else to make you happy!

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09 May 2015 By In Stress

We work hard to make our lives easier, but sometimes, things pile on, cause stress, and wear on our relationships. Whether you are newly married or you tied the knot years ago, there are undoubtedly times when your relationship is strained. From which of you didn't wash the dishes and allowed the petrol tank to run empty to your boss piling on work or deadlines approaching. The symptoms of environmental, professional, and personal stresses usually get taken out on those closest to us, our spouses.

02 March 2015 By In Stress

Work demands can often exhaust us and leave us drained, irritated, and grumpy. It's not uncommon to bring the stress of work home with you, the problem is, your partner at home is not the cause, and therefore shouldn't have to be the recipient of your stress.

20 January 2015 By In Relationship Advice

Are women in modern society moving toward same sex flatmates as the new life partner? Not lesbian lovers, but is living with your best friend and sharing the chores, clothes, and life decisions with them the new norm? These days it seems that 'finding a man' doesn't have the same urgency that it used to and women of all ages are more focused on being happy than searching for the 'right one'.

23 December 2014 By In Relationship Advice

Dealing with a divorce is difficult; being on the heels of a divorce with the holiday season approaching can be even more difficult. If you and your spouse have recently gone through a divorce, figuring out the logistics of who will celebrate where and with whom will require some communication and compromise. If the two of you have children, where they spend their days will be most important, as their young needs and desires don't fit neatly into a parental separation.

05 December 2014 By In Relationship Difficulties

Is the busy season over at work?

Did you meet all your deadlines and clock hours of overtime?

Now, however, as life returns to a place of normalcy you realize that you welcome to slower pace, but you also realize that you are lonely. The time has come to go out, meet new people, cultivate friendships, and possibly a romantic relationship. But where do you start? What is the best way to meet new people? Classes? Internet dating? Lonely?

26 November 2014 By In Relationship Advice

No matter how social you are or how much you enjoy going out, there is a point where you can become fed up with the pub and club scene. If you are still interested in finding a special someone, but don't want to keep spending your evenings out, internet dating is a great option.

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